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The Thomerson family has its roots in Essex, England and has been traced back to Richard Thomason who was born sometime around 1590, though more research is still required on these early generations.

Most of our forebears moved towards London in the first half of the 19th century, residing in Hackney and Bethnal Green.  Many were connected with the building trade as master builders, labourers and architects.   William Thomerson, born 1799, has this written about him in a book describing the development of South Hackney, now part of London:

William Thomerson. Developer of the SW corner of the Parr Estate, Hackney, including Balcorne Street.

Details: December 1850, Thomerson concluded an agreement with John Parr (the land owner) for the laying out of New Church Road (now Balcorne Street) and for the demolition and rebuilding of "two ancient messuages*" on the site. In the following year, Thomerson took 90 year leases of some 40 houses facing each other east and west across the street of which numbers 25-35, complete with pediment**, are all that is left to demonstrate the scale and charm of the street as it must have originally been. The remaining half dozen are typical, with the exception of the eight houses south and west of the eastward swing of the road which were envisaged as having only 3 rooms, the stipulated minimum otherwise being five.

 * "messuage" = a dwelling-house with its outbuildings and the adjacent land assigned to its use.

** "pediment" = the triangular part crowning the front of a building in the classical style, usually situated over a portico.

The present family is dispersed, living in many parts of England. Some have emigrated to South Africa, USA, Canada and Australia and some of the family still live in Hackney and Bethnal Green.  It is likely that one or more branches of the name originated in the USA separately from the Essex family  - this is ongoing research.

A little over 300 Thomersons have been born in the UK since 1837 and many of them and their descendants have married in the UK. The marriages have involved the following names:

Abbott, Adams, Alison, Allen, Allison, Anderson, Andrews, Angus, Archer, Armstrong, Arney, Aston, Attwell, Avey, Axcell, Bacon, Baldock, Balls, Barker, Barton, Baumer, Beadle, Begent, Behrens, Benham, Bessey, Bierman, Black, Blake, Blore, Bocking, Bonham, Bower, Bradley, Bramley, Branch, Broadley, Brown, Browning, Bryan, Buckingham, Burgess, Byatt, Calder, Callahan, Cameron, Carr, Carter, Chambers, Chidester, Clarke, Cole, Collett, Comerford, Condon, Cooper, Coote, Cornwell, Cotton, Cousins, Criteser, Crossley, Curtis, Cutts, Dando, Dartnall, Davidson, Davis, Dawson, Denempont, Denton, Dibb, Dick, Dimmock, Doherty, Donovan, Downs, Drew, Dunsford, Dwelly, Edgeworth, Edmonds, Edwards, Ellis, Ellison, Emes, Evans, Evans-Thomerson, Everdell, Everitt, Farinola, Ferraro, Finkelstein, Fitt, Flynn, Formoy, Foster, Frank, Franklin, Frazer, Freeman, Frost, Fulkes, Garforth, Garner, Geale, Girvan, Glover, Gordon, Graves, Gray, Graydon, Greenshields, Greenstreet, Gregson, Griffen, Griggs, Gross, Groves, Grummitt, Gunnell, Haines, Hall, Hammond, Hampton, Hanley, Hanson, Harman, Hatcher, Hayden, Heins Van DerVen, Henderson, Henwood, Hill, Hilmeyer, Hitchins, Hoage, Hockney, Hole, Holliday, Holyome, Hooper, Horniblow, Howard, Humphrys, Hurst, Jacobs, Jaegge, Jay, Jennings, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Kay, Keep, Kettle, Kimberley, Kindred, King, Kinsley, Kirby, Klaber, Knight, Knowles, Langford, Langley, Larcombe, Large, Lariviere, Larnder, Law, Le Beau, Legon, Lelen, Lindy, Lines, Lloyd, Loader, Lowe, Lukat, Mann, Marshall, Mason, Mattey, McCarthy, Michael, Miles, Mills, Mintz, Moore, Morgan, Morris, Moss, Murphy, Murrell, Naden, Neal, Nicolle, Nolan, Nutting, Oakes, Oberman, Ockelford, O'Doherty, O'Dwyer, O'Neill, Osborn, Oyston, Parkyn, Payne, Peck, Perrin, Petrie, Pinkham, Porter, Prina, Qualls, Ranson, Rayment, Read, Redman, Reid, Rennie, Renton, Richards, Riches, Riley, Roberson, Robjohns, Robson, Roe, Rowburrey, Rule, Rushton, Rye, Sacker, Saint, Sandercombe, Saunders, Say, Scaife, Schnare, Sears, Sellen, Severs, Sheahan, Shott, Simaluk, Sizer, Skinner, Sledziewski, Smith, Sole, Soutar, Sparkes, Spencer, Sprankling, Springford, Steele, Stephenson, Stevens, Stockey, Stoddart, Street, Styles, Swaisland, Sweetman, Taylor, Teio, Thomas, Thomason, Thomerson, Thompson, Tomlinson, Trattle, Tripp, Turberville, Vivian, Walker, Wallace, Waller, Walsh, Ward, Waterman, Watkins, Watts, Webb, Webster, Weston, Whitwood, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Williams, Willsher, Windle, Witts, Woiciechowsky, Woodford, Woodward, Worsley, Wylie, Yeates, Young.

My name is Peter Langford, a direct descendant of the Thomerson family. I have been researching the Thomerson name for some time and I am a member of the Society of Genealogists and a member of the Guild Of One-Name Studies. If you would like to know more, or would like to exchange information, then please contact me on:

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